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1 Contents Władysław Czapliński Editorial 7
2 Contents Pavel Šturma The Role of Yearbooks of International Law in the Central European Countries 11
3 Special Section Władysław Czapliński Remarks on Zasada efektywności w prawie międzynarodowym [Principle of effectiveness in international law] by Janusz Symonides: On the Anniversary of the Conclusion of the Polish-German Treaties of 1950, 1970 and 1990 23
4 Special Section Cezary Mik Pactum De Negotiando and Pactum De Contrahendo as International Obligations in the Present International Law 39
5 Special Section Michał Kowalski Challenging Constant Ambiguity: Modern Legal Approaches to Asylum 61
6 Special Section Bartłomiej Krzan The UN Security Council and International Terrorism 79
7 Special Section Michał Balcerzak Special Character of Human Rights Obligations and the Jurisdiction of the Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination in the Palestine v. Israel Case 93
8 Special Sections Konrad Marciniak The Development of the International Law Concerning the Protection of Underwater Cultural Heritage: Remarks on the Occasion of the Accession of Poland to the 2001 Unesco Convention 109
9 General Articles Andrii Hachkevych What Do “Cross-Currents” Mean in International Law: From Albert Venn Dicey to Ludwik Ehrlich. Some Remarks on Fragmentation 131
10 General Articles Sarah Ganty Socioeconomic Precariousness in Times of Covid-19: A Human Rights Quandary under the ECHR 151
11 General Articles Dorota Pudzianowska,
Piotr Korzec
Human Rights and the Protection of Stateless Persons in the Case Law of the European Court of Human Rights 179
12 General Articles Dimitry Vladimirovich Kochenov De Facto Power Grab in Context: Upgrading Rule of Law in Europe in Populist Times 197
13 General Articles Jakub Kociubiński A Negative Synergy – A Review of Direct Subsidization Mechanisms for Scheduled Air Services Following the Covid-19 Pandemic in EU Law and Prospects for Improvement 209
14 General Articles Justyna Maliszewska-Nienartowicz Reaffirmation of the Direct Horizontal Effect of the General Principle of Non-Discrimination in EU Law: Comment on the Case C-193/17 Cresco Investigation Gmbh v. Markus Achatzi 229
15 General Articles Aleksander Gubrynowicz Germany et al. v. Philipp et al.: Human Rights Exception to State Immunity Rejected 243
16 General Articles Luong Duc Doan,
Trinh Thi Hong Nguyen
International Tort Law in Vietnam – Taking Stock and the Case for Reform 255
17 Polish Practice Przemysław Saganek The Execution of European Arrest Warrants Issued by Polish Courts in the Context of the CJEU Rule of Law Case Law 275
18 Polish Practice Szymon Zaręba Documents Issued by Unrecognised Entities – The Approach of the Polish Courts: Comment on the Judgment of the Supreme Court of 25 June 2020, Ref. No. I NSNc 48/19 297
19 Book Reviews Michał Balcerzak Frederic Mégret, Philip Alston (eds.), The United Nations and Human Rights: A Critical Appraisal 311
20 Book Reviews Patrycja Grzebyk Aleksander Orakhelashvili, International Law and International Politics: Foundations of Interdisciplinary Analysis 315
21 Book Reviews Hanna Schreiber Julie Fraser, Brianne McGonnigle Leyh (eds.), Intersections of Law and Culture at the International Criminal Court 319
22 Book Reviews Agata Helena Winkiel-Skóra Emilia Justyna Powell, Islamic Law and International Law: Peaceful Resolution of Disputes 325
23 List of the reviewers (Vol. 40/2020) 329
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1 Contents Karolina Wierczyńska,
Łukasz Gruszczyński
Editorial 7
2 In Memoriam Jerzy Menkes Recollection of Memories: Andrzej Wasilkowski 1932-2020 11
3 General Articles Peter Hilpold Krzysztof Skubiszewski And the Right to Self-determination: Past and Future 21
4 General Articles Przemysław Saganek The Sources of General International Law in the Recent Works of the International Law Commission 37
5 General Articles Anna Czaplińska International Courts, Unrecognised Entities and Individuals: Coherence through Judicial Dialogue? 61
6 General Articles Kostiantyn Savchuk International Law at the Saint Volodymyr Imperial University of Kyiv in the 19th and Early 20th Centuries 89
7 General Articles Aleksandra Mężykowska Legal Obligations of Poland Regarding the Restitution of Private Property Taken during World War II and by the Communist Regime in Light of the Jurisprudence of the European Court of Human Rights 111
8 General Articles Anna Wójcik Reckoning with the Communist Past in Poland Thirty Years After the Regime Change in the Light of the European Convention on Human Rights 135
9 General Articles Elżbieta Morawska The Principles of Subsidiarity and Effectiveness: Two Pillars of an Effective Remedy for Excessive Length of Proceedings within the Meaning of Article 13 ECHR 159
10 General Articles Wojciech Burek Conformity of the Act on the Polish Card with International Law from the Perspective of the Constitutional Court of Belarus 187
11 General Articles Konstantina Georgaki, Thomas-Nektarios Papanastasiou The Impact of Achmea on Investor-State Arbitration under Intra-EU BITs: A Treaty Law Perspective 209
12 General Articles Łukasz Kułaga Implementing Achmea: The Quest for Fundamental Change in International Investment Law 227
13 General Articles Tatsiana Mikhaliova Jurisdiction of the Court of the Eurasian Economic Union and Its Role in the Development of the Eurasian Legal Order: One Step Back and Two Steps Forward 251
14 Polish Practice Dawid Miąsik, Monika Szwarc Effectiveness of EU Directives in National Courts – Judicial Dialogue Continues: The Court of Justice’s Judgment in C-545/17 Pawlak 267
15 Book reviews Patrycja Grzebyk Marco Sassòli, International Humanitarian Law: Rules, Controversies, and Solutions to Problems Arising in Warfare 287
16 Book reviews Przemysław Saganek Lukasz Gruszczynski (ed.), The Regulation of E-cigarettes: International, European and National Challenges 291
17 Book reviews Marcin Kałduński Antonio Augusto Cançado Trindade, The Access of Individuals to International Justice, Antonio Augusto Cançado Trindade, Vers un nouveau jus gentium humanisé 297
18 Book reviews Yu Lu, Maciej Żenkiewicz Julien Chaisse (ed.), China’s International Investment Strategy: Bilateral, Regional, and Global Law and Policy 305
19 List of the reviewers (vol. 39/2019) 317
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1 General Articles Michał Balcerzak Uses and Underuses of the International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination at the International Court of Justice 11
2 General Articles Marek Jan Wasiński Endogenous and Exogenous Limits of the African Charter on Democracy, Elections and Governance 29
3 General Articles Aleksandra Gliszczyńska-Grabias,
Grażyna Baranowska,
Anna Wojcik
Law-Secured Narratives of the Past in Poland in Light of International Human Rights Law Standards 59
4 General Articles Sanja Djajić,
Rodoljub Etinski
Summary Procedure before the Strasbourg Court under Article 28(1)b of the European Convention on Human Rights: Judicial Economy under Scrutiny 73
5 General Articles Andrii Hachkevych The Method of New Positivism as Elaborated by Ludwik Ehrlich 99
6 General Articles Łukasz Kułaga A Brave, New, International Investment Court in Context. Towards a Paradigm Shift of the ISDS 115
7 General Articles Peng Wang,
Maciej Żenkiewicz
Protection of Polish Investors under the China-Poland Bilateral Investment Treaty 141
8 General Articles Dimitry Kochenov Article 7 TEU: A Commentary on a Much Talked-about “Dead” Provision 165
9 General Articles Aleksandra Kustra-Rogatka Constitutional Courts and the Implementation of EU Directives: A Comparative Analysis 189
10 General Articles Agnieszka Grzelak Protection of Personal Data of Crime Victims in European Union Law – Latest Developments 209
11 General Articles Maciej Podgorski The Single Resolution Mechanism in Action. An Analysis of the Decision-making Practice of the Single Resolution Board 229
12 General Articles Piotr Sitnik The Dual/Multiple Nature of “Plain and Intelligible Language” of Unfair Terms in Consumer Contracts under European Law and Its Polish Transposition 253
13 Polish Practice Sylwia Majkowska-Szulc,
Arkadiusz Wowerka
Cross-border Transfer of a Seat, Cross-border Conversion or the Coming into Existence of a New Company? Doubts Against the Background of the Court of Justice’s Judgment in C-106/16 Polbud – Wykonawstwo Sp. z o.o. 275
14 Book reviews Marcin Menkes Andrea Gattini, Attila Tanzi, and Filippo Fontanelli (eds.), General Principles of Law and International Investment Arbitration 293
15 Book reviews Agata Helena Winkiel-Skora Piotr Szwedo, Cross-border Water Trade: Legal and Interdisciplinary Perspectives 300
16 List of the reviewers (vol. 38/2018) 303
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1 General Articles Christian Tomuschat Individual and Collective Identity: Factual Givens and Their Legal Reflection in International Law. Words in Commemoration of Krzysztof Skubiszewski 11
2 General Articles Alessandra La Vaccara Past Conflicts, Present Uncertainty: Legal Answers to the Quest for Information on Missing Persons and Victims of Enforced Disappearance. Three Case Studies from the European Context 35
3 General Articles Maryna Rabinovych The Rule of Law Promotion Through Trade in the “Associated” Eastern Neighbourhood 71
4 General Articles Hanna Kuczyńska Changing Evidentiary Rules to the Detriment of the Accused? The Ruto and Sang Decision of the ICC Appeals Chamber 101
5 General Articles Maciej Szpunar Is the Court of Justice Afraid of International Jurisdictions? 125
6 General Articles Marton Varju Member States’ Interests and EU Law: Filtering, Moderating and Transforming? 143
7 General Articles Jakub Kociubiński European “Ghost Airports”: EU Law Failure or Policy Failure? The Need for Economic Analysis in State Aid Law 163
8 General Articles Justyna Maliszewska-Nienartowicz A New Chapter in the EU Counterterrorism Policy? The Main Changes Introduced by the Directive 2017/541 on Combating Terrorism 185
9 General Articles Mirosława Myszke-Nowakowska Insolvency Forum Shopping – What Can Be Learned from the ECJ and US Supreme Court Case Law on International Company Law and Insolvency Procedures? 203
10 Mini stmpostum Artur Kozłowski Systematicity of General Principles of (International) Law – An Outline 225
11 Mini stmpostum Roman Kwiecień General Principles of Law: The Gentle Guardians of Systemic Integration of International Law 235
12 Mini stmpostum Przemysław Saganek General Principles of Law in Public International Law 243
13 Mini stmpostum Izabela Skomerska-Muchowska Some Remarks on the Role of General Principles in the Interpretation and Application of International Customary and Treaty Law 255
14 Polish practice in International Law Karolina Wierczyńska Act of 18 December 1998 on the Institute of National Remembrance – Commission for the Prosecution of Crimes against the Polish Nation as a Ground for Prosecution of Crimes against Humanity, War Crimes and Crimes against Peace 275
15 Polish practice in International Law Patrycja Grzebyk Amendments of January 2018 to the Act on the Institute of National Remembrance – Commission for the Prosecution of Crimes against the Polish Nation in Light of International Law 287
16 Book Reviews Andrzej Jakubowski Alexandra Xanthaki, Sanna Valkonen, Leena Heinämäki and Piia Nuorgam (eds.), In­di­genous Peoples’ Cultural Heritage: Rights, Debates, Challenges 303
17 Book Reviews Andrzej Jakubowski Alexandra Xanthaki, Sanna Valkonen, Leena Heinämäki and Piia Nuorgam (eds.), In­di­genous Peoples’ Cultural Heritage: Rights, Debates, Challenges 303
18 Book Reviews Marcin Kałduński Bimal N. Patel, Aruna K. Malik and William Nunes (eds.), Indian Ocean and Maritime Security: Competition, Cooperation and Threat 308
19 Book Reviews Agata Kleczkowska Claus Kreß and Stefan Barriga (eds.), The Crime of Aggression: A Commentary 312
20 Book Reviews Kaja Kowalczewska Noam Zamir, Classification of Conflicts in International Humanitarian Law: The Legal Impact of Foreign Intervention in Civil Wars 317
21 Book Reviews Karolina Wierczyńska Cheryl Lawther, Luke Moffett and Dov Jacobs (eds.), Research Handbook on Transitional Justice 320
22 List of the reviewers (vol . 37/2017) 325
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1 In Memoriam Bartłomiej Krzan Professor Jan Kolasa (1926-2016) 11
2 General Articles Roman Kwiecień The Nicaragua Judgement and the Use of Force – 30 Years Later 21
3 General Articles Michał Kowalski Original Sin Reaffirmed: The Nicaragua Judgement’s Impact on the Notion of Armed Attack as the Most Grave Form of the Use of Force 37
4 General Articles François Finck The State between Fact and Law: The Role of Recognition and the Conditions under which It Is Granted in the Creation of New States 51
5 General Articles Wojciech Burek Family Reunification Regulations and Women: The Perspective of International Law 83
6 General Articles Athanasios Yupsanis Cultural Autonomy for Minorities in the Baltic States, Ukraine, and the Russian Federation: A Dead Letter 109
7 General Articles Anna Karapetyan A Recurring Phenomenon: The Lawful Sanctions Clause in the Definition of Torture and the Question of Judicial Corporal Punishment under International Human Rights Law 137
8 General Articles Aleksandra Rychlewska The Nullum Crimen Sine Lege Principle in the European Convention of Human Rights: The Actual Scope of Guarantees 163
9 General Articles Petra Bárd Scrutiny over the Rule of Law in the European Union 187
10 General Articles Joanna Ryszka “Social Dumping” and “Letterbox Companies” – Interdependent or Mutually Exclusive Concepts in European Union Law? 209
11 General Articles Dominik Horodyski Enforcement of Emergency Arbitrators’ Decisions under Polish Law 231
12 Polish practice in International Law Dorota Pyć Compliance and Enforcement of Maritime Labour Conditions – The Polish Legal Perspective 247
13 Polish practice in International Law Grzegorz Wierczyński The Polish Practice Regarding the Promulgation of International Agreements between 1945 and 2017 257
14 Polish practice in International Law Agata Kleczkowska Judgement of the Supreme Court, dated 17 February 2016 (Ref. no. WA 16/15) 267
15 Book reviews Kaja Kowalczewska William H. Boothby, Weapons Law and The Law of Armed Conflict 279
16 Book reviews Bartłomiej Krzan M. Ruffert, C. Walter, Institutionalised International Law 283
17 Book reviews Roman Kwiecień Robert Kolb, Peremptory International Law – Jus Cogens 287
18 Book reviews Marcin Menkes Eugene Kontorovich, Francesco Parisi (eds.), Economic Analysis of International Law 291
19 Book reviews Marcin Menkes Marc-William Palen, The ‘Conspiracy’ of Free Trade 295
20 List of reviewers (vol . 36/2016) 299
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1 General articles Peter Tomka Vincent-Joël Proulx, Faculty of Law, National University of Singapore International and Municipal Law before the World Court: One or Two Legal Orders? 11
2 General articles Daniel Costelloe Malgosia Fitzmaurice, School of Law, Queen Mary University of London Interpretation of Secondary Instruments in International Law 47
3 General articles Barbara Mikołajczyk International Law and Ageism 83
4 General articles Marco Longobardo Some Developments in the Prosecution of International Crimes Committed in Palestine: Any Real News? 109
5 General articles Oleksandr Zadorozhnii To Justify against All Odds: The Annexation of Crimea in 2014 and the Russian Legal Scholarship 139
6 General articles Stefania Ninatti Patterns of Democracy in the Case Law of the EU Court of Justice and the European Court of Human Rights 171
7 General articles Aleksandra Kustra The Polish Constitutional Tribunal and the Judicial Europeanization of the Constitution 193
8 General articles Elena Carpanelli Can States Withhold Information about Alleged Human Rights Abuses on National Security Grounds? Some Remarks on the ECtHR Judgments of Al-Nashiri v. Poland and Husayn (Abu-Zubaydah) v. Poland 217
9 General articles Cedric Vanleenhove The Current European Perspective on the Exequatur of U.S. Punitive Damages: Opening the Gate But Keeping a Guard 235
10 General articles Michał König Non-State Law in International Commercial Arbitration 265
11 General articles Konrad Czech The Distinctive Characteristics of Commercial and Investment Arbitration Proceedings: Lex multiplex, universa curiositas, ius unum? 293
12 Polish practice of International Law Agata Kleczkowska Decision of the Supreme Court – Criminal Chamber, Dated October 14, 2015 327
13 Book reviews Marcin Kałduński Przemysław Saganek, Unilateral Acts of States in Public International Law 343
14 Book reviews Maria Issaeva Lauri Malksoo, Russian Approaches to International Law 351
15 Book reviews Maria Eduarda Gonçalves Patrycja Dąbrowska-Kłosińska (ed.), Essays on Global Safety Governance: Challenges and Solutions 359
16 Polish Bibliography of international and European Law 2015 365
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1 In memoriam Jan Kolasa Karol Wolfke (1915-2015) 11
2 In memoriam Jerzy Kranz Sapere auso (To One Who Dared to Be Wise): On the Fifth Anniversary of the Death of Krzysztof Skubiszewski 17
3 Legal perspectives on the Ukrainian – Russian conflict Patrycja Grzebyk Classification of the Conflict between Ukraine and Russia in International Law (Ius ad Bellum and Ius in Bello) 39
4 Legal perspectives on the Ukrainian – Russian conflict Natalia Cwicinskaja The Legality and Certain Legal Consequences of the “Accession” of Crimea to the Russian Federation 61
5 Legal perspectives on the Ukrainian – Russian conflict Thomas D. Grant The Budapest Memorandum of 5 December 1994: Political Engagement or Legal Obligation? 89
6 Legal perspectives on the Ukrainian – Russian conflict René Värk The Advisory Opinion on Kosovo’s Declaration of Independence: Hopes, Disappointments and Its Relevance to Crimea 115
7 General articles Koen Lenaerts EU Values and Constitutional Pluralism: The EU System of Fundamental Rights Protection 135
8 General articles Aleksandra Gliszczyńska-Grabias Memory Laws or Memory Loss? Europe in Search of Its Historical Identity through the National and International Law 161
9 General articles Hanna Kuczyńska Selection of Defendants before the ICC: Between the Principle of Opportunism and Legalism 187
10 General articles Magdalena Słok-Wódkowska National Treatment Rules in EU Regional Trade Agreements 225
11 General articles Magdalena Silska Protection of Internally Displaced Persons: An International Legal Obligation? 249
12 Polish practice of International Law Magdalena Silska The Opinion by the Legal Advisory Committee to the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland on the Annexation of the Crimean Peninsula to the Russian Federation in Light of International Law 275
13 Polish practice of International Law Szymon Zaręba Treaty Interpretation by the Polish Administrative Courts: A Case Study of the Interpretation of the 1972 Prague Convention 285
14 Book reviews Cezary Mik Lukasz Gruszczynski, Wouter Werner (eds.), Deference in International Courts and Tribunals: Standard of Review and Margin of Appreciation 305
15 Book reviews Bartłomiej Krzan Vesselin Popovski, Trudy Fraser (eds.), The Security Council as Global Legislator 309
16 Book reviews Bartłomiej Krzan Robert Kolb, The International Court of Justice 313
17 Book reviews Andrzej Jakubowski Lilian Richieri Hanania (ed.), Cultural Diversity in International Law 318
18 Book reviews Michał Balcerzak Ryan Goodman, Derek Jinks, Socializing States: Promoting Human Rights through International Law 323
19 Polish Bibliography of international and European Law 2014 329
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1 Articles Maurizio Arcari The Creeping Constitutionalization and Fragmentation of International Law: From “Constitutional” to “Consistent” Interpretation 9
2 Articles Cezary Mik Jus Cogens in Contemporary International Law 27
3 Articles Gino J. Naldi, Konstantinos D. Magliveras Human Rights and the Denunciation of Treaties and Withdrawal from International Organisations 95
4 Articles Lord Lester of Herne Hill QC Free Speech Today 129
5 Articles Dimitry Kochenov On Policing Article 2 TEU Compliance – Reverse Solange and Systemic Infringements Analyzed 145
6 Articles Krystyna Kowalik-Bańczyk A la recherche d’une coherence perdue – Possible Arguments for the Non-application of EU Law in Member States 171
7 Articles Jakub Kociubiński Consolidation or Fragmentation? European Competition Law in the EU Air Transport Sector: A Policy Analysis 189
8 Comments on Janowiec and others v. Russia Ireneusz C. Kamiński The Katyń Massacre before the European Court of Human Rights: A Personal Account 205
9 Comments on Janowiec and others v. Russia Yaroslav Kozheurov The Case of Janowiec and Others v. Russia: Relinquishment of Jurisdiction in Favour of the Court of History 227
10 Comments on Janowiec and others v. Russia William Schabas OC MRIA Do the “Underlying Values” of the European Convention on Human Rights Begin in 1950? 247
11 Comments on Janowiec and others v. Russia Susana Sanz-Caballero How Could It Go So Wrong? Reformatio in Peius before the Grand Chamber of the ECtHR in the Case Janowiec and Others v. Russia (or Polish Collective Memory Deceived in Strasbourg 259
12 Comments on Janowiec and others v. Russia Gabriella Citroni Janowiec and Others v. Russia: A Long History of Justice Delayed Turned into a Permanent Case of Justice Denied 279
13 Materials Answers to the Questions for the Grand Chamber hearing in the case of Janowiec and Others v. Russia 295
14 Materials Szymon Zaręba China and Hong Kong: The One Country, Two Systems Principle and Its Practical Implications for Polish Civil Courts 363
15 Book Reviews Szymon Zaręba 387
16 Polish Bibliography of International and European Law 387
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1 Articles Wojciech Sadurski Democratic Legitimacy of the European Union: A Diagnosis and Some Modest Proposals 9
2 Articles Roman Kwiecień Does the State Still Matter? Sovereignty, Legitimacy and International Law 45
3 Articles Anna Wyrozumska Execution on an Embassy Bank Account 75
4 Articles Malgorzata Fitzmaurice Some Reflections on Legal and Philosophical Foundations of International Environmental Law 89
5 Articles Susana Camargo Vieira Governance, Good Governance, Earth System Governance… and International Law 111
6 Articles Alice de Jonge What Are the Principles of International Law Applicable to the Resolution of Sovereign Debt Crises? 129
7 Articles Mia Swart The Lubanga Reparations Decision: A Missed Opportunity? 169
8 Articles Adam Bodnar, Irmina Pacho Targeted Killings (Drone Strikes) and the European Convention on Human Rights 189
9 Articles Aleksandra Dłubak Problems Surrounding Arrest Warrants Issued by the International Criminal Court: A Decade of Judicial Practice 209
10 Articles Maurizio Arcari Limits to Security Council Powers under the UN Charter and Issues of Charter Interpretation 239
11 Articles Natividad Fernández Sola The European Union as a Regional Organization within the Meaning of the UN Charter 259
12 Articles Dagmar Richter Judicial Review of Security Council Decisions – A Modern Vision of the Administration of Justice? 271
13 Articles Pavel Šturma Does the Rule of Law also Apply to the Security Council? Limiting Its Powers by Way of Responsibility and Accountability 299
14 Articles Andreas Zimmermann The Security Council and the Obligation to Prevent Genocide and War Crimes 299
15 Polish Practice in International Law Oktawian Kuc Krstić Case Continued 325
16 Materials Amicus curiae briefs in Janowiec and others v. Russia 325
17 Book Reviews 401
18 Polish Bibliography of International and European Law 2012 427
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1 Articles Ernst-Ulrich Petersmann International Economic Law in the 21st Century: Need For Stronger “Democratic Ownership” and Cosmopolitan Reforms 9
2 Articles Andreas Zimmermann Abiding by and Enforcing International Humanitarian Law in Asymmetric Warfare: The Case of “Operation Cast Lead” 47
3 Articles Koen Lenaerts The Court of Justice of the European Union and the Protection of Fundamental Rights 79
4 Articles Patrick C. R. Terry Afghanistan’s Civil War (1979-1989): Illegal and Failed Foreign Interventions 107
5 Articles Salvatore Fabio Nicolosi The Law of Military Occupation and the Role of de Jure and de Facto Sovereignty 165
6 Articles Serena Forlati The Legal Obligation to Prevent Genocide: Bosnia v Serbia and Beyond 189
7 Articles Michał Jan Filipek,
Dzmitry Hruzdou
Maritime Delimitation in the Barents Sea and International Practice in Maritime Delimitation 207
8 Articles Adam Bodnar,
Irmina Pacho
Domestic Investigation into Participation of Polish Officials in the CIA Extraordinary Rendition Program and the State Responsibility under the European Convention on Human Rights 233
9 Articles Karolina Wierczyńska Some Remarks on Poland’s Potential Responsibility for the Treatment of Detainees in a CIA Prison in Poland 259
10 Articles Aleksandra Mężykowska Does the Victim of a Crime Have the Right to a Fair Trial? – Remarks on the Protection of Crime Victims in the Light of the Guarantees in the European Convention on Human Rights 285
11 Articles Audrey Patten “Empty Human Rights Lip Service”: France’s Roma Expulsions and the Failure of the European Union to Exercise its Racial Equality Directive 315
12 Articles Beata Faracik The Role of the State in Implementing the UN Guiding Principles on Human Rights and Business with Special Consideration of Poland 349
13 Polish Practice in International Law Ewa Dąbrowska The Supreme Court decision of 30 November 2011, Ref. No. I KZP 15/11 389
14 Polish Practice in International Law Ewa Dąbrowska The Supreme Court decision of 4 August 2011, Ref. No. II KK 42/11 in the case of Andrei S., prosecuted by the Republic of Belarus 396
15 Polish Practice in International Law Ewa Dąbrowska The Judgment of the Constitutional Tribunal of 16 November 2011, Ref. No. SK 45/09 concerning the exclusion of a debtor from proceedings before the court of first instance, in the case of proceedings regarding the enforceability of a ruling issued by a court from another EU Member State 401
16 Polish Practice in International Law Ireneusz Kamiński Answers to the questions for the hearing in the case of Janowiec and Others v. Russia (joint cases nos. 55508/07 and 29520/09) Strasbourg, 6 October 2011 409
17 Book Reviews Justyna Nawrot The United Nations Conventions on Contracts for the International Carrying of Goods Wholly or Partly by Sea. An Appraisal of the “Rotterdam Rules”, by Deniz Güner-Őzbek (ed.) 447
18 Polish Bibliography of International Law 2011 453
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1 Articles Ireneusz C. Kamiński “Historical Situations” in the Jurisprudence of the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg 9
2 Articles Artur Kozłowski The Legal Construct of Historic Title to Territory in International Law – An Overview 61
3 Articles Michał Kowalski Armed Attack, Non-State Actors and a Quest for the Attribution Standard 101
4 Articles Bart M.J. Szewczyk Enlargement and Legitimacy of the European Union 131
5 Articles Valentina S. Vadi Environmental Impact Assessment in Investment Disputes: Method, Governance and Jurisprudence 169
6 Articles Tomasz Włostowski Selected Observations on Regulation of Private Standards by the WTO 205
7 Articles Marcin Kałduński State Immunity and War Crimes: the Polish Supreme Court on the Natoniewski Case 235
8 Articles Roman Nowosielski State Immunity and the Right of Access to Court. The Natoniewski Case before the Polish Courts 263
9 Transcript of the debate State Responsibility for the CIA’s Secret Prisons in Third States (outside the US) 277
10 Polish Practice in International Law The Supreme Court decision of 29 October 2010, Ref. No. IV CSK 465/09 in the case brought by Winicjusz N. against the Federal Republic of Germany and the Federal Chancellery for payment 299
11 Polish Practice in International Law Judgment of 24 November 2010 Ref. No. K 32/09 concerning the Treaty of Lisbon (application submitted by a group of Senators) 304
12 Book Reviews Christophe Swinarski International Law for Humankind. Towards a New Ius Gentium, by Antônio Augusto Cançado Trindade 315
13 Book Reviews Łucja Nowak Bilateral Investment Treaties, History, Policy, and Interpretation, by Kenneth J. Vandevelde 318
14 Book Reviews Andrzej Jakubowski Cultural Law: International, Comparative and Indigenous, by James A. R. Nafziger, Robert Kirkwood Paterson, Alison Dundes Renteln (eds.), 321
15 Polish Bibliography of International Law 2010 327
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1 Obituaries Krzysztof Skubiszewski (1926–2010) par Jerzy Kranz 7
2 Articles Roman Kwiecień Overcoming the Past by International Law 15
3 Articles Pavel Šturma The case of Kosovo and International Law 51
4 Articles Bartłomiej Krzan The Relationship between the International Criminal Court and the Security Council 65
5 Articles Przemysław Saganek Unilateral Acts in Polish-German Relations 85
6 Articles Jerzy Menkes,
Marcin Menkes
International Organisations, Climate Change Expectations, and the Reality of institutionalisation – An Analysis of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) 115
7 Articles Joanna Kulesza State responsibility for cyber-attacks on international peace and security 139
8 Articles Łukasz Wardyn, Jan Fiala The 2009 Amendment of the Slovakian State Language Law and its Impact on Minority Rights 153
9 Articles Anna Jasińska International legal issues in the case of the Prussian Trust (Preussische Treuhand) against the Republic of Poland before the European Court of Human Rights 175
10 Book Reviews Łukasz Gruszczyński Treaty Interpretation by the WTO Appellate Body by Isabelle Van Damme 197
11 Book Reviews Katarzyna Łasak Toward a Theory of Human Rights. Religion, Law, Courts, by Michael J. Perry 201
12 Book Reviews Katarzyna Łasak Employment Law and Human Rights, Polish Practice in International Law: Question of Extradition, by R. Allen, R. Crasnow and A. Beale 204
13 Polish Practice in International Law Selected jurisprudence of the Polish Supreme Court involving questions of extradition and the application of the international agreements 209
14 Documents Polish advisory opinion on the accordance with international law of the unilateral declaration of independence by the Provisional Institutions of Self-Government of Kosovo 215
15 Polish Bibliography of International Law 2009 241
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1 Articles Natalia Buchowska The issue of nullity of law making resolutions of international organizations 9
2 Articles Piotr Milik The Launch of the jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court initiated by the UN Security Council 25
3 Articles Paweł Grzegorczyk The Effect of the Judgments of the European Court of Human Rights in the Domestic Legal Order 39
4 Articles Karolina Wierczyńska The Evolution of the notion of genocide in the context of the jurisdiction of the national courts 83
5 Articles Daniel Śmihula Rights of Persons belonging to National Minorities in International Law 95
6 Articles Pavel Svoboda Economic support to terrorism in the EU case-law 137
7 Articles Izabela Gawłowicz,
Piotr Łaski
Russian-German North Gas Pipeline In View Of Public International Law 149
8 Articles Grzegorz Domański,
Marek Świątkowski
Protection of investor’s contractual rights under bilateral and multilateral investment treaties 163
9 Articles Łukasz Gruszczyński EC Incentive Arrangements for Sustainable Development and Good Governance (GSP Plus) and WTO law. Critical Analysis 219
10 Polish Bibliography of International Law, 2006-2008 237