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Call for papers VOL. XL: 2020

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Call for papers

Polish Yearbook of International Law, vol. XL: 2020

In the late summer of 2021, we are planning to publish a jubilee volume (no. XL) of the Polish Yearbook of international Law. In this context, the Editorial Board of PYIL is seeking high-quality, unpublished articles relating to public and private international law as well as EU law.

A part of the forthcoming volume will be dedicated to the scientific legacy of Prof. Janusz Symonides, who sadly passed away in April 2020. Prof. Symonides was a well-known Polish jurist and diplomat, specializing in human rights, the Law of the Sea, protection of cultural heritage, and international relations. He was one of the representatives of Poland during the work on the Convention on the Law of the Sea, an expert on the human dimension of the OSCE, and a conciliator of the Montego Bay Convention. Prof. Symonides was also Director of the Polish Institute of International Affairs and Director of the then Division of Human Rights, Democracy, Peace and Tolerance at UNESCO. PYIL is particularly interested in papers that discuss the ideas that preoccupied Prof. Symonides, analyze his scientific achievements, or deal with other issues relating to his academic and diplomatic work.

We also accept other texts that fall within the PYIL’s scope of interest. In this context we are particularly interested in articles that address current issues of public international law that relate to Central and Eastern Europe. Authors from the region are also strongly encouraged to submit their works.

Submissions should not exceed 8,000 words (including footnotes). All details about submission procedures and required formatting are available in the document entitled “Publication Guidelines”, which can be found at the PYIL’s webpage (www.pyil.inp.pan.pl).

Manuscripts can be submitted via the PYIL’s submission system (www.editorialsystem.com/pyil) until 31 January 2021. Authors can contact us via email at: pyil@inp.pan.pl.