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New Volume of PYIL: XL

Dear Readers!

We have the pleasure and honour of introducing Readers to volume XL of the Polish Yearbook of International Law, in the form of a jubilee edition. It is always difficult to prepare a laudation for one’s own work. It seems that the Yearbook is entering its best years (interestingly, the majority of its editors are also in the corresponding age bracket), but we can be very proud of the work that has been done over the past 50 years.

Poland always had much to say in the domain of public international law. It was quite a natural development that Polish international lawyers began publishing a law journal that on one hand would make it easier for them to publish important texts in English (an international lingua franca), and on the other hand would allow them to disseminate the legacy of Polish international legal writing in the world. The Polish Yearbook of International Law has fulfilled both tasks.

The jubilee article is written by Professor Pavel Šturma, he describes and analyses the role of yearbooks in the reality of the Central Europe and its impact on the development of international law.

As part of the current jubilee volume, we also pay special tribute to Prof. Janusz Symonides, the former Editor-in-Chief of our Yearbook (1976-1985), who passed away last year.

Of course, you will also find our usual sections, such as general articles, Polish practice in international law and book reviews.

Thank you for being with us!

Editorial Board
Polish Yearbook